ShopUIfy Flutter UI Kit App

ShopUIfy is a clean, minimal design and very detailed E-commerce UI kit for iOS & Android. It comes with modern app design and keep

Custom Bubble Navigation Bar

This package gives you a cute bubble effect when you click on the navigation bar.

Top Snackbar Flutter

In order to show a CustomSnackBar you need to call a showTopSnackBar function. You can pass there any widget you want but we have a CustomSnackBar for example

Flutter Car Rent Full App

Flutter Car Rent Full App

Flutter Browser App Build with Flutter

A Full-Featured Mobile Browser App (such as the Google Chrome mobile browser) created using Flutter and the features offered by the flutter_inappwebview plugin

Chat Flutter Build with Flutter and Firebase

A full stack real time chatting app with Flutter and Firebase CRUD operaions.

Ecommerce Flutter App Compatible with both iOS & Android

fully functioning e-commerce flutter application that is compatible with both iOS & Android. I built it with the MVVM ( Model-View-ViewModel ) architecture

Spotify Clone Music Player App is Written in Flutter

Full-stack music player app is written in flutter and dart using node.js music API. Fully Functional music player with UI like Spotify app

Musify Streaming App made in Flutter

Music Streaming and Downloading app made in Flutter!

Remove \n from a given strings in dart

Given a string <pre><code>String item = 'Hello\nWorld' </code></pre> I want a function that removes <code>\n</code> from the given string<br /> Something like t...

Its showing only its background componen,why not body component?

when i press login ,it triggered this body file,but it only show background png. It's not showing content of body file. background.dart <pre><code>class Log...

Flutter dart async await not working as expected

I am trying to check the internet connection of the mobile device. I am using below code to check the connectivity. <pre><code>import 'package:flutter/material.dar...

Firebase background message handler in flutter spawns duplicate isolate and runs the app twice

I have below packages in my <code>pubspec.yaml</code> <pre><code>firebase_core: ^2.2.0 firebase_messaging: ^14.1.0 </code></pre> And in my <code>main.dart</cod...

How can a nested switch be avoided in Flutter/Dart?

I'm looking down the barrel of a nested switch statement. I would really like to avoid this rats nest. I know in other languages there are other funky ways of avoiding...

emoji_picker_flutter is not showing

I have a problem. I would like to use <a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer">emoji_picker_flutter</a>. This should be dis...