Cake Wallet Buil with Flutter

Cake Wallet for Android and iOS Open Source Multi-Currency Wallet

Libre Camera Build with Flutter

A free and open source camera app for Android written in Flutter and Dart licensed under the GPLv3

Aves - Gallery and metadata explorer app

Aves is a gallery and metadata explorer app, built for Android with Flutter

Swift Travel Build with Flutter

This is an open-source public transport app packed with cool features

kanade - Apk Extractor Build with Flutter

Kanade is a simple app that allows you to extract apk from your apps list. Fully open-source, zero-ads and no-tracking.

Twitter Clone Build with Flutter

A working Twitter clone built in Flutter using Firebase auth,realtime,firestore database and storage.

BlackHole - Open-Source Music Player App for all your needs

BlackHole is Open-Source Music Player App for all your needs!

Butterfly - Opensource Note-Taking App

Butterfly is a note taking app where your ideas come first. You can paint, add texts, and export them easily on every device

Holy Quran App Build with Flutter

Application of the Holy Quran book of Muslims, developed using Flutter & Dart.

Task Manager Build with Flutter

This is a daily task manager application project created in flutter. Install this application from Google Play Store or Get it from GitHub Release.

Weather App Build with Flutter

Project created to enrich the portfolio and learn new features. The respective project is a weather application.

Budget Budy - friendly expense manager app

Budget Budy is the easiest and most user friendly expense manager app. The simple fact is, by tracking your spending

Modern Crypto Portfolio & Market Explorer Built with Flutter

Modern Crypto Portfolio & Market Explorer. Built with Flutter. Open Source. Lightweight. Clean. Straightforward. Fast. Powerful.

Amazing magical doodle game provide a creative doodle world for you

Amazing magical doodle game provide a creative doodle world for you!

AnimSearch - Searching Anime and Manga Build with Flutter

AnimSearch is App for searching Anime and Manga created with Flutter with data from Jikan API