Ecommerce Flutter App Compatible with both iOS & Android

fully functioning e-commerce flutter application that is compatible with both iOS & Android. I built it with the MVVM ( Model-View-ViewModel ) architecture

Spotify Clone Music Player App is Written in Flutter

Full-stack music player app is written in flutter and dart using node.js music API. Fully Functional music player with UI like Spotify app

Musify Streaming App made in Flutter

Music Streaming and Downloading app made in Flutter!

Password Manager Support Mobile and Desktop Build with Flutter

AuthPass - Password Manager based on Flutter for all platforms. Keepass 2.x (kdbx 3.x) compatible.

Tasks - Todo App Build with Flutter

A minimal todo app made using Flutter.

VPN App and backend application Build with Flutter

Complete VPN mobile and backend application written in Flutter and Phalcon Framework

Note-taking app built with Flutter and Firebase

This is a simplified Google Keep mobile app 'clone' built with Flutter + Firebase. For practicing prototyping and Flutter skills only.

GitJournal - Markdown Notes Build with Fluter

GitJournal is a note taking app focused on privacy and data portability. It stores all its notes in a standardized Markdown