I have recently started flutter. I am facing difficulty searching for appropriate icons whenever I want to use them. Is there any website or any source from where I can get the list of all the icons available for flutter? Any help is much appreciated. Thank you in advance :)

Solution 1: Vettiyanakan

Default Material Icons: https://api.flutter.dev/flutter/material/Icons-class.html

Flutter custom icons generator: https://www.fluttericon.com/

FontAwesomeIcons: https://pub.dev/packages/font_awesome_flutter

Icon Forest: https://pub.dev/packages/icon_forest

Icon Sax: https://pub.dev/packages/iconsax

Ion Icons: https://pub.dev/packages/ionicons

Unicons: https://pub.dev/packages/unicons

Line Icons: https://pub.dev/packages/line_icons

Solution 2: danlai

Search 160k+ icons from all pub.dev packages https://pub.dev/packages/icon_forest


It contains most of the popular open-source icon libraries.

Solution 3: lepsch

From the link below you have all Material Symbols and Icons from Google. No need to add a dependency as the standard Flutter lib includes them already:


For example, the search icon is like this:


There is the ionicons too, a complete lib with 1.3K icons. And the list of them all is here: https://ionic.io/ionicons

Also, if you'd like to change the launcher icons a good place is the link below. You can design Android, iOS, web, macOS... icons super easy.