Excuse me, I am new to Flutter, so when I install Flutter, I see that the Gradle version from distribution url is still 5.6.2 while the latest is 6.4.1. The Kotlin is also not the latest, and the android platform has no sdk. So do I have to update all of them to the latest or just leave them there ? And should I put the platform to 29 or 28 ? Or just leave it there ? Thank you for your time !!!

Solution 1: Ashok Kumar

Setting up sdk for project:

Go to

  1. Android studio File menu
  2. Project structure
  3. select Under Project setting -> Project
  4. Select & set the latest sdk for Project SDK

Hope this helps you :)

Solution 2: Alex Correia

This thread may help you to get more about SDK subject (minSdkVersion, targetSdkVersion, compileSdkVersion and build.gradle).

Due I used deliverr my apps to support SDK compatibility with very old devices from 16 (Android 4.1) to the latest level, after I upgraded an Android phone to version 11 (SDK level = 30), I had to update my build.gradle from (targetSdkVersion 28 and compileSdkVersion 28) to (targetSdkVersion 30 and compileSdkVersion 30) to get all working back again.

To know more about SDK Platform levels and Android versions, please visit this website.