This is firestore database structure. I'm trying to call these data in my flutter application. but I only get value upto document which is chatroom/9000. But i want collection of document 9000. How do i call it?

This is how i called query

await _firestore .collection('chatroom') .doc(UUID) .get() .then((value) { });

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Solution 1: Mario carlos chita

 Future<dynamic>  getValues() async{ 

var _chatroom =await _firestore .collection('chatroom').get((value)async{ if(value !=null ){
for(var index = 0 ; index< value.documents.length ; index++ ) var _chatitem = await _firestore .collection('chatroom') .doc(value.value.documents[index].documentId) .get() .then((value) {

              // Do what you Want