I need to transform a Flutter app into a PWA and I'm trying to understand if this is possible without rewriting the code in AngularDart.

I did some research and I found out that first I need my Flutter App to become a Flutter Web App but nothing more.

There is also a StackOverflow question that speaks about this but answers are not complete

How to transform Flutter web app into a PWA?

I found some PWA examples with AngularDart, JS, etc... but nothing about a Flutter PWA.

*On the Flutter for Web homepage they mention PWAs but I didn't understand if it is already a feature or not.

Solution 1: TWL

Something to start you off.

Can we use Flutter for PWA (Progressive Web App) ?

Google I/O 2019 announced https://flutter.dev/web

Flutter on Web is still in preview, but here's a get started page:

Solution 2: oon arfiandwi

since early 2020, Flutter Web support service worker.

here's the feature on GitHub for your reference.