I am building an Instagram clone (specifically image tag feature). I am able to put tags on top of images the user uploads but when the screen size/orientation/Zoom changes the tags does not reposition themselves.

Could anyone tell me how can I achieve this and store tag position so that when I load image again in user feed, I could be able to see tags on the image.

Solution 1: Miro

You can wrap the image and the label in a Column or a Stack. A Column will put both the tag and the image in the center while with a Stack you can align the image in the center and the text below.
Example with Column:
Column (children: [Image.asset('assets/myasset.png'), Text('My image'), ] ),
Example with a Stack:
Stack(children:[Center(child: Text('My Image')), Align(alignment:Alignment.bottomCenter,child: Image.asset('assets/myasset.png'))]),