i am making correct spelling app for kids where i need this when i click on given option it will be add in top text in order

my try

                                                        child: Text(

i want to add this text value to another . when click on this text it would be add in variable

  var mytext;

i add my text in this variable like this

  mytext = mytext.add(imageList[anu1].wrongSpell1);
                         setState(() {});

here i show my added text


Solution 1: Huthaifa Muayyad

All you have to do is "concatenate" strings.

String mytext = 'starting text';

  onPressed: ()  {
     setState(() {
     mytext = mytext + imageList[anu1].wrongSpell1;

   child: Text(imageList[anu1].wrongSpell1),

//// here is where you would show your text:

Solution 2: Ottoman Coder

All you need to do is:

String myname = 'ottoman';
setState(() {
     myname = myname + imageList[anu1].wrongSpell1;