In Flutter end-to-end testing, a permission is to be allowed during the test. driver.tap(find.text("ALLOW") does not work. How to click "ALLOW".

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Solution 1: apaatsio

You can grant the permissions before running the test.

import 'dart:io';
import 'package:path/path.dart';

// ...

setUpAll(() async {
  final envVars = Platform.environment;
  final adbPath = join(
    envVars['ANDROID_SDK_ROOT'] ?? envVars['ANDROID_HOME'],
    Platform.isWindows ? 'adb.exe' : 'adb',
  await, [
    'com.example.yourapp', // replace with your app id
  driver = await FlutterDriver.connect();

Solution 2: Susovan Das

for me above code is not working don't know why

then i'm tried with below code and its working

setUpAll(() async {

      await'add_adb_path/adb.exe' , ['shell' ,'pm', 'grant', 'add_app_package_name', 'android.permission.ACCESS_MEDIA_LOCATION']);
      await'add_adb_path/adb.exe' , ['shell' ,'pm', 'grant', 'add_app_package_name', 'android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE']);
      await'add_adb_path/adb.exe' , ['shell' ,'pm', 'grant', 'add_app_package_name', 'android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE']);

      driver = await FlutterDriver.connect();

Solution 3: Jitesh Mohite

Other answers will not help you if you are using the latest Flutter Integration Testing as there we don't require FlutterDriver to connect.

So now, you need to add the below code in test_driver.dart file where we initialize integrationDriver()

Future<void> main() async {
    final Map<String, String> envVars = Platform.environment;
    String? adbPath = join(envVars['ANDROID_SDK_ROOT'] ?? envVars['ANDROID_HOME']!,
      Platform.isWindows ? 'adb.exe' : 'adb',
  await , ['shell' ,'pm', 'grant', 'com.example', 'android.permission.CAMERA']);
  await , ['shell' ,'pm', 'grant', 'com.example', 'android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE']);
  await integrationDriver();

This change is required as FlutterDriver makes the connection once you initialized and connect it, but the new flow of integration testing already had a connection, so we need to initialize it before the connection happens.

To run code, use the below command on terminal, as you see for better result I have created two folder,

  1. test_driver: Contains the driver code mentioned above.

  2. integration_test: Contains test files.

    flutter drive --driver=test_driver/test_driver.dart --target=integration_test/my_test.dart