I'm using the sqflite library for Flutter, and when I try to open a contacts2.db file from the emulator, I get the following error:

E/SQLiteLog(15584): (14) cannot open file at line 34308 of [605907e73a] E/SQLiteLog(15584): (14) os_unix.c:34308: (13) open(/sdcard/contacts2copy.db-shm) - E/SQLiteLog(15584): (14) unable to open database file E/flutter (15584): [ERROR:flutter/shell/common/shell.cc(181)] Dart Error: Unhandled exception: E/flutter (15584): DatabaseException(open_failed /sdcard/contacts2copy.db)

Without this line, I'm almost sure the database would open fine. The same database opens without issue in sqlite3 on my computer. Also, another contacts2.db file opens fine. Is there a way to ignore or remove this reference?