How can I Integrate Amplitude Analytics in Flutter? I have to perform number of Analysis of my App using Amplitude Analytics For example: I have to see how many Sign Ups are done of my App.I am having no idea regarding the implementation of Amplitude Analytics in Flutter please help me out.

Solution 1: Yakub Pasha

Did you check with their support team on if they have flutter SDK? If they don't have, as an alternate you can try add the SDK in the native platforms and add utility functions to send the events data using the platform channels.

Solution 2: dgilperez

If you use Segment + Amplitude, you can add to your project to instrument your App. Segment will bundle the Amplitude SDK if added as destination.

Solution 3: Bansook Nam

I know it's the late answer but please check the "amplitude_flutter" package. Our team uses amplitude analytics for more than 1 year. It's very stable now and provides a lot of information.

These are links for packages and repository.