I install flutter and andriod studio, when i create a virtual device and when i run it, it sends me this error

click here for error snap

i tried this solution but it doesn't work.


i download this folder download folder image form the link you provided

extract the folder, now what should i do next.

folder snap

i added the amdvlk64.dll file in the emulator folder but it keep sending same error when i run the emulator

emulator folder snap

please help where if anyone know the solution

Solution 1: Dylan

I've had this error once... What I did was deleting my current made emulator and creating a new one. For some reason it worked for me and I didn't get this error anymore.

As for the dll files, if they are still missing then try this website https://www.dll-files.com/download.dll.html and look for the dll files that are missing.