I have a bunch of code with some lines commented out, and I'd like to copy all of the code including the comments that android studio automatically adds.

I've tried various combinations of ctrl+c with shift, alt etc, but when pasting into notepad (for example) only the code shows and not the automatic comments.

For example after a closing bracket, AS often adds //Container to the lines automatically. However, when if I add similar comments manually, those do get copied. Is there a way to copy the auto comments?

EDIT: I tried to give this question a better Title, but StackOverflow really didn't like any variation on "How do I copy and paste commented code in Android Studio?" Also edited as I didn't realise my own manually written comments were being copied when I asked this question.

Solution 1: Vitor

Those are just hints added by the IDE (Intellij + dart plugin), not actual code (comments). The dart plugin calls them closing labels.