I connect my phone Realme 6s (RMX2002) to my device and the USB debbuging is enabled . Android Studio recognised & connected but don't showing the app project in flutter like in the photo So, any suggestions to figure this out !

Solution 1: user18271507

I can't quite understand what you're asking here, but according to your photo, no device is selected to debug on.

My advice is to (save) =) and restart Android Studio. Make sure that the RSA fingerprint for your computer is accepted on the phone. Try restarting your phone and reconnecting. Double check that USB debugging is enabled.

I cannot tell what is really going on, it may be an issue with the ADB. Check your Event Log to make sure the ADB debug bridge started successfully. If you simply try to run your app on an emulator, issues of this kind will be promptly visible.

If you can ascertain that it is not an issue with ADB, Android Studio, or your phone, it is probably a driver issue with your computer, if you are on Windows. Try this link: https://www.thecustomdroid.com/oppo-realme-usb-drivers/ to install the USB drivers for your computer.


Solution 2: Evgen

You need to check your USB cable. They are in two types, one of which only supports phone charging.

Solution 3: nrallakis

A had also problem with usb debugging and it was the cable's fault. An alternative option is to use wireless debugging. A step by step guide for Android studio can be found here: https://link.medium.com/UQJWZrfFqob