android studio only show android folder but dont show other project folder structure (lib,ios,pubsec.yaml)

but these folders are exist in file explorer and app will run in VM

what is the issue? enter image description here

Solution 1: MuhammedYesilmen

Click Android Icon on left board and change Android to Project

Solution 2: Rohit Chaurasiya

you have opened the android project only you need to open the folder.

enter image description here

Solution 3: mhb.mehedi

In Android Studio (2021.2.1)

  1. Click Android icon on left board
  2. Change it from Android to Project

Check this image:

enter image description here

Solution 4: Yusuf

enter image description here

Click {project_name}_android module and click close icon blow that "Add Content Root" choose.

Click {project_name} module and click "Add Content Root" choose.

Solution 5: Pradip D.

  1. Open Android Studio, and click File > Project Structure.
  2. Redirect to Project settings > Module.
  3. Select yourProjectName_android and remove it by clicking (-) minus sign shown on above.
  4. Now click on yourProjectName and click on + Add Content Root and just provide path of your project.
  5. Just Apply and Ok.
  6. Restart your android studio.

It's Done.

Happy Codding!!