I want to integrate some bug reporting or feature request SDK in my app. I got to know about Instabug, i gave it a shot with my flutter application (android build).

The SDK captures blank screen for the app. Is it because of flutter or I have made some mistake in integrating it.

Here is how my Application class looks:

package next.home

import com.instabug.library.Instabug
import com.instabug.library.invocation.InstabugInvocationEvent
import io.flutter.app.FlutterApplication

class MyApplication() : FlutterApplication() {
    override fun onCreate() {

        Instabug.Builder(this, "TOKEN")
                .setInvocationEvents(InstabugInvocationEvent.SHAKE, InstabugInvocationEvent.SCREENSHOT)

I am fine anyone could suggest some another SDK that work with flutter.