EDIT: I have deleted all the icons generated by the library and tried @Liam's suggestion, ending up with a proper launcher app icon but NO background state icon at all. Photo attached.

no background state app icon

Original Post

Lately I have changed my flutter app launcher icon using flutter_launcher_icons package, and everything seems to work just fine, just one problem:

The launcher icon and the backgrounded state icon on iOS devices are different.

Also worth mentioning the fact that the background state icon is an icon that I have perviously used for the launcher app icon, but changed it to the current one, and deleted the relevant image from the project.

The implementation:

I haven't used any config file, just added the proper dependency and wrote the following lines in pubspec.yaml:

  android: true
  ios: true
  image_path: "assets/images/logo3.jpeg

Finishing with running the following command in terminal:

$ flutter pub run flutter_launcher_icons:main

I have tried flutter clean and rebuild, tried to re-install the app, and also changing the icon and re-running

$ flutter pub get

$ flutter pub run flutter_launcher_icons:main

I have looked all over the web, and it seems no one experience that kind of issue, any help would be much appreciated.


Photos to get the idea:

launcher app icons

background state icon

Solution 1: liam spiegel

Yesterday I had the same problem. Here is how I fixed the app icon on ios:

  1. go to the website appicon.co
  2. drag your logo into the box enter image description here
  3. select all the platforms where you want to change the icon enter image description here
  4. scroll down and click on "Generate"
  5. open explorer and go to downloads
  6. unzip the generated file
  7. open explorer again
  8. go to your project > ios > Runner > Assets.xcassets
  9. remove the directory: AppIcon.appiconset
  10. on the other explorer tab go to the unzipped directory > Assets.xcassets > AppIcon.appiconset > _
  11. drag and drop anything inside back to: AppIcon.appiconset
  12. go back into the Assets.xcassets directory
  13. drag and drop the directory: AppIcon.appiconset to the other explorer tab where you already are inside your project > ios > Runner > Assets.xcassets

If you don't understand something just write a comment

Hope it helps!

Solution 2: air

Try rebooting your device, it deletes OS cache