Xcode version -> 14.0


The app references non-public selectors in Payload/Runner.app/Runner: fontWeight relativeSize, spanArray, spanArray_Count, strikeThrough, underline

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Solution 1: Md. Munjur alam


  • The same error occurs after the Xcode 14.0 update.
  • Xcode 13.4.1 Download and Use Resolution

Solution 2: Hesam

I am not able to upload ipas to TestFlight via XCode 14.0.1 (build 14A400). However, I was able to publish to TestFlight via Azure CLI with the same XCode and build versions. So, have no idea what might be the issue. I use Fastlane to upload the ipa.

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Solution 3: Maulik Bhuva

I am also facing same issue but then i got one resolution please follow below steps :

  1. Export .ipa file from latest Xcode
  2. Install Transporter app on your mac
  3. Login your App Store account in Transporter app
  4. Add app using your .ipa file
  5. click on deliver

Following this steps you can able to upload build successfully

Solution 4: Epsiilon

As a Workaround, using the Transporter App worked perfectly.