appBar: AppBar(
    foregroundColor:, // Has no impact
    leading: Icon(,
    title: Text('AppBar'),

From docs:

foregroundColor: The default color for Text and Icons within the app bar.

But none of my Text and icons in the app bar seems to have the orange color.

Solution 1: benzo

you can do it this way

 iconTheme: IconThemeData(
  title: const Text('Saved Suggestions', style: TextStyle(
  backgroundColor: Colors.white,

Solution 2: dm_tr

AppBar has no property foregroundColor (maybe removed). Use textTheme and iconTheme instead to change it's Text and Icons color

Solution 3: iDecode

You need to set backwardsCompatibility to false to let foregroundColor property to work. This is a new property which is true by default for now and once there's no longer a breaking change, it will be made false by default.

  backwardsCompatibility: false,
  title: Text('AppBar'),