I am new to mobile development. I am developing a flutter application which has a web version. Users have memberships in that application. When ever a user cancels or activates a membership through web, I want that information to be updated in mobile application. What is the best way to achieve this?

I thought of making API call when profile page is visited, but other pages shall not updated based on memberships. Making an auto-refresh call can be done but won't that be an extra overhead?

Edit: Backend is a wordpress site and whole data for mobile app is done through API calls.

Solution 1: BLKKKBVSIK

You should probably use a cloud database, like Cloud Firestore, and construct a User class with the data of your database.

Then you display different widgets or screen depending of your User class properties. You should probably also start digging into state management with Flutter for updating the screens if you user cancel/renew his subscription