I am trying to use Apple's CoreML with my Flutter app using Platform Channels. With a straight iOS app, to use a CoreML model we drag the CoreML .mlmodel file into Xcode and Xcode autogenerates a Swift model class. We can then access that class directly in a SwiftUi view without any other configuration. However, with a Flutter app, when I try to access the model class as I would from a normal SwiftUI project after dragging the file into Xcode into the Runner folder where the AppDelegate.swift file is, I get a "Cannot find "model" in scope" error. It is as if the class isn't being autogenerated or wherever the class is autogenerated isn't accessible from AppDelegate.swift.

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Ive included a screenshot on my setup. "model3" is the coreML model I am trying to use. And I try to use what would be the auto generated class in a function getPrediction. That error is present regardless of where I try to initialize the model (it is present even if I try to initialize it after line 18, for example.

Does someone have an idea how I would get CoreML working with Flutter with a Platform Channel? Thanks.