I have a ListView with shrinkWrap: true.

Also, I have applied BouncingScrollPhysics() to the ListView

The problem is bounce physics only works at the bottom of ListView. When I scroll to the top, it doesn't show the bounce effect.

Solution 1: Ali Amin

BouncingScrollPhysics() does not always work if the ListView is not 'full'. For example if the ListView needs 5 items to fill its view and become scrollable, then the BouncingScrollPhysics() will probably only work when the ListView contains 5 or more items.

Solution 2: underfilho

I had the same problem, I just used physics: AlwaysScrollableScrollPhysics(parent: BouncingScrollPhysics())

Solution 3: CopsOnRoad

You can try this:

  physics: BouncingScrollPhysics(parent: AlwaysScrollableScrollPhysics()),
  child: Column(...),

Solution 4: Muhammad Imtiaz

if above Functions are not works you should use this one physics: BouncingScrollPhysics(),

Solution 5: Carlos Cuellar

Try using NeverScrollableScrollPhysics into the ListView.builder.

But first set the bouncing scroll physics:

child: SingleChildScrollView(
physics: const BouncingScrollPhysics(parent: AlwaysScrollableScrollPhysics()),

And in the ListView use both shrinkWrap and physics:

shrinkWrap: true, physics: const NeverScrollableScrollPhysics(),