I receive multiple messages of the following kind when I do anything in Android emulator in the flutter app

D/EGL_emulation(6380): app_time_stats: avg=1505.58ms min=1505.58ms max=1505.58ms count=1

What is it?

Solution 1: user2581193

I was used an emulator with android S, my friend recommended me to use android R and the log its over. try it!

Solution 2: Greg Fay

This is an Android Studio emulator message, and in this case, is a "Debug" message. Please see here to filter out the Debug messages from either Android Studio or VS Code, while keeping the Warnings and Errors.

Solution 3: Kangkang chan

1.right click on "D/EGL_emulation( 6380): app_time_stats" 2.fole lines like this

it work for me

Solution 4: Felipe

For Visual Studio Code Users:

You can always filter messages by using the Filter input on the top right corner.

For this particular case, you can hide those messages by applying this filter: !D/EGL

BEFORE: Without filtering:

BEFORE: Without filtering

AFTER: With filtering: enter image description here

Solution 5: Jammo

  • Right click on D/EGL_emulation ...
  • Click "Fold Lines Like This"
  • Edit the filter that's just been added to only contain D/EGL_emulation.
  • All these lines will be removed from the RUN console window now