I tried to use the dart devtools memory view hoping to find some clues on the memory usage on my flutter app, but it's not functioning. It displayed "Stack overflow error" on the web developer console. Anyone knows what's causing the problem?

I'm using VSCode with flutter 1.12.13+hotfix.5, connecting to an ipad(A1822). The app is launched in profile mode which suppose to be able to work with the memory view, but both memory view and timeline isnt working. No idea what's causing the stack overflow in js of devtools.

a screenshot on the devtools and webdev screen attached for your reference.

Screenshot on the devtool screen

Solution 1: Ben Konyi

This is a known issue that was resolved and patched today into DevTools v0.1.15 (GitHub issue). Just run pub global activate devtools or flutter pub global activate devtools to upgrade and the error be resolved.