Hey guys I've searched the answers and didn't find it, so I'm asking.

I have a class with a list property, Dart Lint said to put the keyword 'final' before it. The final keyword should prevent the values to change, or I got it wrong?

class Questions {
final List<Question> _questionList = [
Question('Is the ocean blue', true),
Question('Is the sky blue', true),

//method that shouldn't work
void setQuestionAnswer(int questionNumber, bool newAns) {
    _questionBank[questionNumber].questionAnswer = newAns;

//another file that have the class to the list above
class Question {
  String questionText;
  bool questionAnswer;

  Question(this.questionText, this.questionAnswer);

Questions questionsk = Questions();

//this actually works, but a final property shouldn't be able to change
// values, why it works? I can change the value
questionsk.setQuestionAnswer(questionNumber, false);

Solution 1: nvoigt

The final keyword means you cannot assign a new value to __questionList.

For example, this code would give a compiler error:

_questionList = <Question>[];

You can however, do anything you want with the initial instance of the object. In case of a list you can change entries, add entries, remove entries or anything else.