I am trying to format DateTime result and display it to the user in user's current device locale.

Currently I can either display entire DateTime such as following:

2018-10-08 16:08:37.464112

Or by specifying exact format like this:


which results in following:


My problem with this solution is, while this format might be acceptable in EU; in e.g. US (and many other countries) they are used to a different Date format, e.g.


My question is: how to return only Date (not time) to user in their current locale's format?

One needs to retrieve current locale and pass it to the format function. I am using custom localizations class, yet with out of the box solution it would look like this:


Solution 1: Günter Zöchbauer

You can pass a locale to DateFormat like

format = DateFormat.yMMMd("en_US");

See also

Solution 2: Miguel Beltran

I know this is already answered, but in case someone wants to use the actual device locale and not a hard-coded one:


Important, you need to pass a String and not a Locale object here.

If you want to have a custom date format, then you need to create your own switch/case based on all the locales you want to support.