I am new in programming Dart/Flutter and I stucked at one point hopefully you guys can help me.

I am trying to add a stream into my code so that I get informed once the data/field in firestore get changed. The Data is in my picture is "Event on that" enter image description here

I am able to make a snapshot from the documents and the stream is working, but I want a stream explicitly for one data/field. Following a draft of my source code. I dont know how to go deeper than ....doc(uuid)....->.

In general I want to fire a Event in case of the data value changed. Hopefully I was able to explain my issue and you guys can help me. Thank you!

firebaseListenToUpdate(String uuid) async {
  await for (var snapshot in FirebaseFirestore.instance.collection('User').doc(uuid).snapshots()){
    for (var fields in snapshot.documents) {