I have a case when the user wants to add a product to the cart, before that I want to check the id/name product whether or not he was in the cart.

if not then I will add it to the cart, if its already there I will just do edit (adding qty and price)

I have tried using the code below:

   Future checkIfProductHasAdded(String uid) async {
      for (var i = 0; i < _checkoutList.length; i++) {

      if (_checkoutList[i].productName == getSelectedProduct.name) {

        print(getSelectedProduct.name +

       // await updateProductCheckout(uid);


      } else {
        print(getSelectedProduct.name + "NOT FOUND AT PRODUCT CHECKOUT");
        //await addProductToCheckout(uid);

when I print() value i does not specify the position on the List, but stays in position 0. how to make it work?

any answer will be appreciated.

Solution 1: Mateusz

You should check if a product exists in firstWhere clause. Something like this:

var product = _checkoutList.firstWhere((product) => product.productName == getSelectedProduct.name, orElse: () => null);

if (product == null) addProductToCheckout(uid);
else updateProductCheckout(uid);

Solution 2: Jack'

This solution is the quickest :

final bool _productIsInList = 
    _checkoutList.any((product) => product.name == getSelectedProduct.name);
if (_productIsInList) {
   // The list contains the product
} else {
   // The list does not contain the product

NOTE : If you don't need to compare IDs/names, but you just want to check if a specific item is in a list, you can use _checkoutList.contains(item)