Hi i have list List<ProductDetails> like that i want remove item if price value equal others

1 Gold 1$ 5 Gold 1$ 10 Gold 1$

      {@required this.id,
      @required this.title,
      @required this.description,
      @required this.price,

I want to remove 1 gold and 5 gold just show 10 gold how can i do it ?

Im sorted list like that

List<ProductDetails> _productsSorted = _products
      ..sort((a, b) => a.price.compareTo(b.price));

Thank you

Solution 1: Mehmet Ali Bayram

First of all import collection library;

import "package:collection/collection.dart";

secondly use groupBy method to group your list item by price;

Map<dynamic, List> _grouped = groupBy(_products, (p) => p.price);

at last make a new list from the first item of the each value of the _grouped Map;

List _lastList = [];

_grouped.values.forEach((f) => _lastList.add(f.first));