I want to multiply a figure and then have it rounded to remove any decimal places but returned as a double, rather than an int since that is what I need.

I've tried this:

double number = 84.5;

double coke = (number * 2.3).round()) as double;

and this:

double coke = double.parse(number * 2.3).round());

But I can't get it to be a double, it just throws errors. The value would be 194.35 in this case and I want it to be 194.0.

Solution 1: CopsOnRoad

double number = 84.5;
double answer = (number * 2.3).roundToDouble(); // 194.0

Solution 2: jamesdlin

CopsOnRoad's answer is the most direct way, but in general the way to convert an int to a double is to use int.toDouble:

double number = 84.5;

double coke = (number * 2.3).round().toDouble();

Using as double doesn't work because as changes what type the object is treated as but doesn't change the underlying object.