I'm using the flutter package Hive The problem that I am encountering is that my website's data is not persisting for IndexedDB - web(chrome)

Has anyone else encountered inconsistency with data stored in IndexedDB for chrome? Are there any additional steps outside of using the Hive package such as requesting persistent permission that I have to implement in order for the data to be stored?

Any feedback will be appreciated.

Solution 1: dumbmatter

You don't even need to request the persistent storage permission to be able to store data. Persistent storage just makes it a bit more durable. So most likely, the data is never being written to IndexedDB in the first place. Could be an issue with your code or with a library you're using. Hard to say without seeing your code, especially since I've never used Hive.

Solution 2: Theuno de Bruin

This is a flutter project, using the hive package. It works fine on mobile devices, but when running the app in chrome the data gets lost after a refresh

Data after the initial load and initialisation Data after the initial load and initialisation

Empty boxes after refresh Empty boxes after refresh