am trying to create a countdown on specific date i have and display how many hours, minutes and seconds left until then ..

for example i want to set the counter date to: Thursday, October 25, 2018 7:14:05 AM

and i want to display for the user.. remaining time: hh:mm:ss till 25 october ...

i tried this:

void initState() {

new CountdownTimer(new Duration(milliseconds: 1540451645), new Duration(seconds: 1)).listen((data) {
  print('Remaining time: ${data.remaining.inSeconds}');
  var format = new DateFormat("hh:mm:ss");
  var dateString = format.format(DateTime.fromMillisecondsSinceEpoch(data.remaining.inSeconds));

but the result is: 03:25:40.. which is really not true ...

how to do this?

Solution 1: Andrey Turkovsky

First of all - there is error: you have to use data.remaining.inMilliseconds instead of data.remaining.inSeconds

For formatting it'll be better to use Duration instead of DateTime. But you can change your existing code like:

var format = new DateFormat("mm:ss");
var dateString = '${data.remaining.inHours}:${format.format(DateTime.fromMillisecondsSinceEpoch(data.remaining.inMilliseconds))};

UPD Widget for showing remaining time

int estimateTs = DateTime(2018, 11, 5, 7, 15, 30).millisecondsSinceEpoch; // set needed date


                      stream: Stream.periodic(Duration(seconds: 1), (i) => i),
                      builder: (BuildContext context, AsyncSnapshot<int> snapshot) {
                        DateFormat format = DateFormat("mm:ss");
                        int now = DateTime
                        Duration remaining = Duration(milliseconds: estimateTs - now);
                        var dateString = '${remaining.inHours}:${format.format(
                        return Container(color: Colors.greenAccent.withOpacity(0.3),
                          child: Text(dateString),);

Solution 2: Khalifa Alkhatri

Do you know Joha ? you made complex code joha is making complex things ,

Use this function :

var timeleft = TimeNow.difference(nextday);

This function will give you time left from 2 DateTime .