I have a code like this:

onPressed: isClick
                    ? () async {
                        isClick = false;
                        final DateTime dateCreated = DateTime.now();
                        setState(() {
                        final userIp = await UserService.getIp();
                        final user = User(
                            name: _nameController.text,
                            surname: _surnameController.text,
                            email: _emailController.text,
                            year: _selectedValue,
                            dateCreated: DateFormat('dd/MM/y - HH:mm:ss').format(dateCreated),
                            ipAddress: userIp);
                        hasInternet = await InternetConnectionChecker().hasConnection;
                        await UserService.insert([user.toJson()]);
                        if (hasInternet) {
                          showToast(StringConstants.registerOkayText, duration: 2, gravity: Toast.bottom);
                        } else {
                          showToast(StringConstants.registerNotOkayText, duration: 5, gravity: Toast.bottom);
                    : null,

The time is now 16.15 but the code prints the time as 13.14. How can I solve this? GMT?

Solution 1: Anandh Krishnan

If you want mobile time and want to format just use this plugin intl: ^0.17.0

DateTime currentDate = DateTime.now();

String s = DateFormat('yyyy-MM-dd').format(DateFormat('yyyy-MM-dd').parse(date));

In the stirng s you will get the current date

Or if you want to get the current internet time you just use

ntp: ^2.0.0

final int offset = await NTP.getNtpOffset(
          localTime: DateTime.now(), lookUpAddress: "time.google.com");
      DateTime internetTime =
          DateTime.now().add(Duration(milliseconds: offset));

here you will get the current time and date in internetTime

Solution 2: Anto Uthaya

Your code of getting the date time looks good to me. It should give you the current local time of your computer. So obviously it can be due to the time settings of your computer. please check if that is configured to different timezone or may be if VPN check the timezone of vpn. Try this to see what is the timezone of your computer. print(dateTime.timeZoneName); print(dateTime.timeZoneOffset);

Solution 3: SonerB

The problem is because of the flutter package I use to edit the time format. My problem was fixed when I deleted the package and removed it from the code and ran it.