[ERROR:flutter/lib/ui/ui_dart_state.cc(198)] Unhandled Exception: Unsupported operation: DefaultFirebaseOptions have not been configured for windows - you can reconfigure this by running the FlutterFire CLI again.

Solution 1: Kaushik Chandru

You can initialise using option like this

await Firebase.initializeApp(
// Replace with actual values
options: const FirebaseOptions(
  apiKey: "api key here",
  appId: "app id here",
  messagingSenderId: "messaging id",
  projectId: "project id here",

You can get these values from firebase console

Solution 2: razstvien01

Try to change another device if you're using windows for running flutter app. That works for me.

or try to change

await Firebase.initializeApp(
    //options: DefaultFirebaseOptions.android, // if you're using windows emulator
    //options: DefaultFirebaseOptions.ios, // if you're using windows emulator 
    options: DefaultFirebaseOptions.web, // for web

Solution 3: Pav Soor

I received this error when I didn't install Firebase (with Flutterfire) for the platform I was using. For example, I had configured Firebase for iOS and Android but not for Web, and when I tried to load my app via Chrome, it would throw this error.

Try 'flutterfire configure' from your app directory which should allow you to resolve this!