I have finished developing with my application and deployed to playstore. How do I do the same for ios? I don't have a MacBook.

Solution 1: zabaykal

To deploy an app to the AppStore you need Xcode, so MacBook is required.

I heard some people that don't have Mac use Cloud MacOS, but its risky, so do your own research.

Solution 2: Vishal Zaveri

You can archive this by cicd code magic. Reference link

you have to check all the functionality once before uploading app to app store to avoid app rejection. Development of iOS app without MacOs its difficult. For development you must require xcode & Mac os.

Solution 3: JulienP95

Technically, to build a flutter iOS app you need a Mac.

But what you can do is use external tools.

One of these tools is Appollo (https://github.com/Appollo-CLI/Appollo). It's a python CLI tool that lets you access remote MacOS build machines.

Here is a demo of how to create the IPA on windows : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZX3DAMwlEfM&t=11s

It is really easy to use, just install it:

pip install appollo

Link your Apple developper account with Appollo. https://appollo.readthedocs.io/en/master/tutorial/2_configure_app_store_connect.html

Finally, you can start your build.

appollo build start

And that's it.