I am learning how to make an AnimatedList. I ran the example from the documentation. Although it is not nearly as easy to understand and use as a ListView, the example worked. However, there was a message on the documentation page:

This page is deprecated and its content may be out of date.

Usually when something is deprecated there is a better way to do it, but I cannot find any other information. What is wrong with that documentation page that makes it deprecated?

Solution 1: creativecreatorormaybenot

It looks like this style of documentation has been discontinued.
Thus, the code is not up to date and also not maintained anymore.

/docs/catalog/samples is not really part of the "Docs" tab on flutter.io anymore.
It only redirects to a "curated list of samples", which is not related to the /docs/catalog/samples/... section of flutter.io.

The AnimatedList class can be found in the widgets documentation.

Some of the widgets have samples built into their docs page. An example of this would be Column.
Hence, the conclusion that the old samples are not needed anymore.