I'm writing a Flutter app for Android and iOS which will change its style/theme based on iOS' Dark Mode status.

Is there currently anything like a MediaQuery.isDarkModeEnabled in Flutter?

There is a GitHub issue open here but the Flutter team must be overwhelmed in issues so I can't see this being implemented too soon.

I can use 'traitCollection.userInterfaceStyle' from iOS-specific code channels, but adding platform-specific code for Flutter/Dart apps is not something I'm experienced in. Currently working on this solution!

For example, someone could have a CupertinoPicker with adaptive colors:

    backgroundColor: isDarkModeEnabled ? Colors.black : Colors.white,
    children: items.map((thisItem) => Text(thisItem.name)).toList(),
    itemExtent: 32,
    onSelectedItemChanged: (newItem) {
        setState(() => this.item = items[newItem]);

Solution 1: DSMan97

Yes it is possible. Look here https://github.com/flutter/flutter/issues/33873#issuecomment-536309491 and here is the answer.

    bool qDarkmodeEnable;
    var qdarkMode = MediaQuery.of(context).platformBrightness;
    if (qdarkMode == Brightness.dark){
    } else {

Solution 2: tewshi

Here's how you can set different colors for light and dark mode, the app will automatically switch if the phone is set to dark mode or light mode.

  theme: ThemeData(
    brightness: Brightness.light,
    primaryColor: Colors.red,
  darkTheme: ThemeData(
    brightness: Brightness.dark,
    // additional settings go here


You can also get the platform brightness (Brightness.light / Brightness.dark) using


but you will have to use the WidgetsBindingObserver mixin and override the method below

void didChangePlatformBrightness() {
    print(WidgetsBinding.instance.window.platformBrightness); // should print Brightness.light / Brightness.dark when you switch
    super.didChangePlatformBrightness(); // make sure you call this

see https://api.flutter.dev/flutter/widgets/WidgetsBindingObserver-class.html on how to use the mixin.