enter image description hereCurrently I'm showing a CustomScrollView inside a bottomSheet.

      controller: scrollController,
      slivers: [
          pinned: true,
          delegate: MonthViewHeader(widget.weekDays),
          delegate: SliverChildBuilderDelegate((context, index) {
            return MonthView(
                index == 0 ? widget._today : Jalali(widget._today.year, widget._today.month, 1).addMonths(index),
                index != 0,
                (DateTime date) => {
                      setSheetState(() {
                        selectedDate = date;

SliverPersistentHeader stays on top of the list on scroll and SliverList scrolls beneath it.
I want to check which item index is being entered/exited view on scroll. I want to know that so I can change my SliverPersistentHeader text.
One approach would be to calculate scrollOffset and give each item static height.
But that's not very optimal since item 0 of SilverList might have a smaller height so I can give it fixed height.
Is there any way to detect item entering/exiting view inside SilverList?

Solution 1: Vitor

I would recommend checking out this plugin:


It seems that is exactly what you are looking for.