I need a little help there.

I want to disconnect the user from the app when he has been inactive for 5 minutes. So I used this solution : Detect when user is not interacting the app in Flutter

It is perfectly working when the user tap on a widget that is not clickable. For example, when I tap on Text widget, the timer is restarting without an issue, but when I tap on a RaisedButton or ListTile, the timer is not restarting.

So, I'm wondering how it is possible for example with this code :

  onTap: () => print("gestureDetector"),
  child: RaisedButton(
    onPressed: () => print("raisedButton"),

to print "gestureDetector" AND "raisedButton".

Thank you in advance for your help, cheers ;)

Solution 1: David L.

Use a Listener instead of GestureDetector.

  onPointerDown: (e) => print('listener'),
  child: RaisedButton(
    onPressed: () => print('raisedButton'),