I'm a beginner developer and I use flutter, I wanted to download databases inside my app in the emulator within Android Studio. But no matter where I search, I can't find the Device File Explorer in the android studio, the only thing I find about it is in settings and it's a completely blank page (there is only the path where to download things).

This is well usually people tell me to go

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Picture 2

Solution 1: Yashir khan

You can just use your real device to test and It will be better.

  1. Just connect your mobile with usb to your computer.
  2. turn on USB debugging in developer mode.
  3. you will see a dialog box in mobile just allow and you are ready to use it.

Hope it will be helpful I suggest it coz once when I was trying my app in emulator it was working fine but when I have tested it on real device many things were not working and I have to start my project from scratch. So I suggest to test on real device and in addition you will easily get file explorer and more.

Solution 2: Maz341

For Normal Android Development, it's easy. Just go to

View -> Tool Windows -> Device Manager

But in Flutter Development, it's a little bit tricky.

First you have to Configure your Android Development with Flutter to see the Device Manager option.

Steps: Click on the bottom right option where it says Event Log and then Press Configure Now Done!

No go to the same path again which was

View -> Tool Windows 

and here you can see the Device Manager is visible now. Event Log