I am new to Getx dependency injection so can some one explain me benefits of put and lazyput and Also tell me when to use put and when to use lazyput

Solution 1: Pathik Patel

In the case of lazyPut, it only creates the instance, and it'll be instantiated only when is used, check more details here

Solution 2: Ivo

To my understanding put already puts an instance of the class directly in memory while lazyPut just puts a builder for it in it.

A benefit of lazyPut is that it saves memory until you actually find it. And you can also put more complex code in the builder for it. Another benefit of lazyPut is that you can also say fenix: true on it which means it's able to be reconstructed in case it got disposed of before.

I would think the only benefit of using put is that find should be slightly faster then when called because it doesn't need to call a builder first to get the instance. I don't know if there are other benefits.

Solution 3: Tuan

Short answer

  • Get.put() will put immediately
  • Get.lazyPut() will put when you need it