Im on myproject app using flutter framework however i see this Floor Database that is quite similar if im right to Sqlite Database now im looking for there disadvage and advantage in development any one with the perfect explanation to there differences will be much appreciated

Solution 1: MattTheXPat

According to the Floor documentation, it is a SQFlite abstraction.

Some advantages of Floor:

  • Less boiler plate
  • Light weight framework
  • Reactive and type safe
  • Allows for easy testing

Some disadvantages of Floor:

  • Fairly new library (it might not be great for writing production code in)
  • Lacks of a few features still

Some advantages of SQFlite:

  • Feature rich
  • Stable (Able to write production code with)

Some disadvantages of SQFlite:

  • A lot of boiler plate code
  • Does not have type safety off the bat

Hope that helps!