It ran smoothly in the beginning, but after a while I get this :

Downloading windows-x64 tools... Download failed. URL: Error: 403 Forbidden"

I have tried to change flutter directory, but it didn't help.

Solution 1: Günter Zöchbauer

If you are behind a proxy or firewall follow the instructions in these documents

export https_proxy=hostname:port

export NO_PROXY=,localhost

Solution 2: Pouyan Asadi

I had Same issue and i resolve that with do following tips.

if you are Forced to use proxy for any reason, you need to set proxy true.

to do that, at first run this in terminal:

On Linux/macOS:

export https_proxy=hostname:port 

On Windows Command Prompt:

set https_proxy=hostname:port 

On Windows PowerShell


Solution 3: Sonu kumar

I am using linux , in terminal i ran

export https_proxy=
// It is my proxy:port

and then ran

flutter run