I am creating a post request Using Dio, this is my FormData params,

    FormData formData = FormData.fromMap({
      'wallet_id': '${dropdownValue.walletId}',
      'member_id': '${_loginModel.memberId}',
      'draw_amount': withdrawalAmountContoller.text,
      'login_password': passwordController.text,

then I am passing params like this,

Response response = await dio.post(url, data: params);

But I am getting an error on request,

ERROR[DioError [DioErrorType.RESPONSE]: Http status error [405]] => PATH: https://vertoindiapay.com/pay/api/withdraw

E/flutter ( 6703): [ERROR:flutter/lib/ui/ui_dart_state.cc(157)] Unhandled Exception: DioError [DioErrorType.RESPONSE]: Http status error [405]

E/flutter ( 6703): #0 DioMixin._request._errorInterceptorWrapper. (package:dio/src/dio.dart:848:13)

Please help me solve this. My URL is=> https://vertoindiapay.com/pay/api/withdraw

Although this is working fine in postman,

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Solution 1: Ray Li

Please try passing the params as JSON encoded.

Response response = await dio.post(url, data: json.encode(params));

Hope this helps!

Solution 2: Amer

I had the same error, the BaseOptions was having different method name, other than POST... when i changed it back to POST it worked. Not sure if DIO package accepts using other than POST methods to call a Post method in API.

Solution 3: AS Production

Try to pass content type

final response = await Dio().post(Url,
        options: Options(contentType: 'multipart/form-data'), data: formData);

Solution 4: Denzel

So I had this issue. So I found out that the headers you use in Postman should match the headers you are using in Dio. Like for example

  headers: {
      'Accept': "application/json",
      'Authorization': 'Bearer $token',

and my Postman looks like this Postman

Apparently Dio behaves like postman when it comes to headers too so apparently if the headers from postman mis-match then it will throw an error.

Well in plain terms Dio would infer the content-type by itself just like postman would do.

Solution 5: Ramananda Sarkar

  Future<void> signUpUser() async {
final formData = {
'username': 'test1',
'password': 'abcdefg',
'grant_type': 'password',
try {
Dio _dio = new Dio();
_dio.options.contentType = Headers.formUrlEncodedContentType;

final responseData = await _dio.post&lt;Map&lt;String, dynamic&gt;&gt;('/token',
    options: RequestOptions(

        method: 'POST',
        headers: &lt;String, dynamic&gt;{},
        baseUrl: ''),
    data: formData);

} catch (e) {
  final errorMessage = DioExceptions.fromDioError(e).toString();


class DioExceptions implements Exception {

DioExceptions.fromDioError(DioError dioError) { switch (dioError.type) { case DioErrorType.CANCEL: message = "Request to API server was cancelled"; break; case DioErrorType.CONNECT_TIMEOUT: message = "Connection timeout with API server"; break; case DioErrorType.DEFAULT: message = "Connection to API server failed due to internet connection"; break; case DioErrorType.RECEIVE_TIMEOUT: message = "Receive timeout in connection with API server"; break; case DioErrorType.RESPONSE: message = _handleError(dioError.response.statusCode, dioError.response.data); break; case DioErrorType.SEND_TIMEOUT: message = "Send timeout in connection with API server"; break; default: message = "Something went wrong"; break; } }

String message;

String _handleError(int statusCode, dynamic error) { switch (statusCode) { case 400: return 'Bad request'; case 404: return error["message"]; case 500: return 'Internal server error'; default: return 'Oops something went wrong'; } }

@override String toString() => message; }

Solution 6: Shitab Mushfiq-ul Islam

This particular problem occurs when the response you expect (in JSON) doesn't match the response you are looking forward to receiving.

if this is your code,

Response response = await dio.post(url, data: params);

Check the Response model if it matches with the JSON it receives in the Postman response.

Solution 7: Vignyl Tchate

i had the same error the problem come from your server. your action to the server may be get datas [FromBody] use [FromForm] it will work. for me i resolved like that

eg public DataResponseModel UpdateFormalize([FromForm] FormalizeDto dto){ //somes code }