Im making an app that play sounds when you press FlatButtons, and I want to disable the predetermined pop sound that plays every time you touch the screen.

Is there a way to do this?

Solution 1: Adlan Arif Zakaria

One of the idea is to use InkWell() widget instead.

Refer: How to mute the sound of buttons in application?

Solution 2: Mohamed hassan kadri

you cant disable the sound for the flatbutton .you can use InkWell() Widget it offers you the methode enableFeedback . you can set it as false and you should be alright

Solution 3: Tech House

Use MaterialButton. All the styling remains the same but you have the added benefit of implementing

enableFeedback: false,
which will remove the default click sound.

Solution 4: Asterix

FlatButton = TextButton (in new Flutter)

style: ButtonStyle(
enableFeedback: false),

The same works with ElevatedButton