I have Checked all the Things like... App content App release Store Listing Content Rating Pricing and Distribution

Not a single thing remain but still not getting button enabled..

(Previously i have successfully updated my app in APKS format) wanted to update in app bundle format i don't thing this may be issue (modified and upgraded my app version etc).

Solution 1: Sunil Varma

Successfully Solved the issue...

What was the issue : The Error says You can't rollout this release because it doesn't allow any existing users to upgrade to the newly added APKs

How to solve : You also need to Upload APKS and maybe need to leave one of the Apk so you can ignore the another error like "one of the Apk is overriding the app bundle".

So in conclusion upload apk with app bundle and leave one of the Apk just select which one you want to leave...

Note : Built using as split per abi.... And Read error if you have any future error and try to solve it accordingly... :)

Solution 2: Markus Kaukonen

Had the same problem with flutter and google play console. I had mistakenly given earlier version as 4003 and had hard time with errors in google play console. Solution was just one line in


The version is on the following line after the '+' sign and in my case it had to be bigger than 4003, so this one was fine:

version: 1.0.6+5000