This answer has some code to convert a locale to a country emoji in Java. I tried implementing it in Dart but no success.

I tried converting the code above to Dart

  void _emoji() {
    int flagOffset = 0x1F1E6;
    int asciiOffset = 0x41;

    String country = "US";

    int firstChar = country.codeUnitAt(0) - asciiOffset + flagOffset;
    int secondChar = country.codeUnitAt(1) - asciiOffset + flagOffset;

    String emoji =
        String.fromCharCode(firstChar) + String.fromCharCode(secondChar);

"US" locale should output "🇺🇸"

Solution 1: creativecreatorormaybenot

The code you posted works correctly, i.e. print(emoji) successfully prints 🇺🇸.

I assume that the real problem you have is that the Flutter Text widget displays it like this:

It is the US flag, however, I have to agree that it does not look like it when you see it on device as the font size is very small and the flag has a rather high resolution.

You will need to use a custom font and apply it to your Text widget using the following:

  style: TextStyle(
    fontFamily: '...',

Otherwise, both the conversion and displaying the flags works fine. I believe that they just look different than you expected.