Display the Firestore Data once the user clicks on specific Document Data:

Hi, I'm new to Flutter and learning some concepts. I got stuck where the below code displays the Travel Name, and Travel Date in ListTitle There is an onTap function. Once the user clicks on a specific ListTitle, it should display the specific document data from FireStore. For example, its displays a next field. Below is the code: Please refer me to a link or solution on how to do it as i am not understanding how to do it.. Also, help with the Listview builder please help me................. help me how to solve this.

                                  children: snapshot.data!.docs.map((document) {
                                    DateTime sdate = document['Startdate'].toDate();
                                    String sdateFormatted =
                                        DateFormat('dd MMM, yyyy').format(sdate);
                                    DateTime edate = document['enddate'].toDate();
                                    String edateFormatted =
                                        DateFormat('dd MMM, yyyy').format(edate);
                                    return Column(
                                      children: [
                                            child: ListTile(
                                          leading: Text('Travel Name'),
                                          title: Text(document['Travel Name'],
                                              style: GoogleFonts.quicksand(
                                                  fontStyle: FontStyle.normal)),
                                          trailing: Icon(Icons.arrow_forward),
                                          subtitle: Text(sdateFormatted,                                                                                       
                                                  fontStyle: FontStyle.normal)),
                                          selected: true,
                                          onTap: () {
                                            setState(() {});

                                    //     style: GoogleFonts.quicksand(
                                    //         fontStyle: FontStyle.normal)),