I'm currently getting the following error. “Expected a value of type ‘Future<List>, but got one of typ List’. The way my code works is that I have a method that returns a Future with itemId as a parameter. The itemId is accessed through a static List where itemId is a class parameter in the Item class. I essentially want to display a list of different values that my Future returns but I don’t quite know how to display multiple values at once. I can only get it to view one at a time. See code below:

class Item {
  String name;
  int lvlReq;
  String link;
  Loot loot;
  int itemId;

  Item(this.name, this.lvlReq, this.link, this.loot, this.itemId);

  NetworkImage getImage() {
    return (NetworkImage(link));

  static List<Item> items = [
    Item(…), …]

const String CID = 'myID';
const String secret = 'mySecret';

class AuctionRetriever {
  Future<double> getAuctions(itemId) async { 


Widget buildPriceLoader(BuildContext context) {
  return FutureBuilder<dynamic>(
    future: AuctionRetriever().getAuctions(2770),
    builder: (context, snapshot) {
      if (snapshot.data == null) {
        return Container(
          child: Center(child: Text('Loading')),
      } else {
        final data = snapshot.data; 
        return Center(
          child: Text(
            style: TextStyle(fontSize: 18),

(The dashed lines means that its a separate file). This way I could get it to display on value that I got from my method with itemId = 2770. It is when I try to get multiple values in the same widget that I get the error. I believe my way of doing it is most likely kind of stupid (I’m new to flutter and oop In general) so if anyone has any suggestions I would really appreciate it. If anything is unclear, I can send more code. //Best regards Jadd